About Us

Since 1986, Bijan Abachizadeh and his family have been creating elegant and delicious pastries, cakes, and croissants. Bijan uses the highest quality of ingredients, mostly imported from Europe. In fact, 98% of Bijan’s bakery wonders are made of butter. He is also very proud in the fact that the bakery uses NO perservatives and NO trans fats! Bijan is always looking to improve his products with finer quality ingredients and creative designs and is open to suggestions to help better serve you and your pallet.

The eye opening desserts and baked goods are not where Bijan’s creativity stops. His wedding cakes are a sight to see, and exquisite to the pallet. The majority of the wedding cakes are designed by Bijan, himself, but he is more than willing to replicate a cake you find in a magazine. You can also find Bijan Bakery featured in many of the bay area hotels and clubs’ wedding packages. No matter what your vision is for your wedding, make an appointment to taste and create your memorable wedding cake with Bijan.



Bijan started out with a little bakery known as “Santa Teresa Bakery” in Southwest San Jose.  After 5 years Bijan opened a new location in West San Jose known as “Bijan Bakery & Cafe.” Then in Nov 2007, a new location in Downtown San Jose opened, under the Fairmont hotel. Eventually Bijan sold “Santa Teresa Bakery”, and just recently sold the West San Jose location to new ownership that now operates independently as “Bijan Bakery & Cafe – Saratoga.”  Currently, Bijan and family own and operate “Bijan Bakery & Cafe” in Downtown San Jose.  His creations continue to grow and remain both a delight to look at and delicious as ever.